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2015-10-06Zirconia Material

Zirconia Material

Zirconia is a material which leads dental restorations to better esthetic and stronger performance. We design crowns and bridges with scanned model or from a STL file when receiving digital impression from dentists. After milling and 1600 oC sintering, zirconia will obtain strength of 1400 MPa.

Zirconia crown has better strength, less shrinkage porosity problems of casting, more esthetic color, and ability to keep more teeth for patients than all metal crown and PFM crown.

In micro view, ways of lattice orientation is an important key point to avoid micro cracks. With aiding stable additives, such as MgO, CaO, and Y2O3, tetragonal crystal stage zirconia has smaller volume and more stable situation in room temperature. In proper manufacturing, such as unsuitable sand blasting, grinding, and thermal aging, may cause transformation toughening from tetragonal to monoclinic, and increase 3~4% volume, strength and compression stress, which prevents crack propagation. 


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